Dr. Shyam Sheth
Oral, Maxillofacial & Hair Transplant Surgeon

Ex fellow:
Orthognatic Surgery & Implantology, BELGIUM
Hair Transplant & Restoration, USA

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Lips that are out of sync with the rest of a person’s facial features can cause the individual to lose confidence in their appearance, have lower self-esteem, or even become the subject of unwanted attention. The fact is, the lips play a significant role in balancing the features of the face. While aging can cause lips to thin and lose volume, genetics can cause a person’s lips to be overly large and even inhibit activities such as talking and eating. Lip augmentation and lip reduction are two procedures that Dr. Shyam can do to restore the normal look on face.

Lip Augmentation & Reduction Benefits

Lip augmentation and lip reduction help create harmony among all the patient’s facial features.
The benefits of lip augmentation and lip reduction include:

» Reviving thin lips to a more youthful state

» Aesthetically repairing damage or defects due to injury or genetics

» Reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth

» Lifting drooping corners of the mouth

» Reducing protruding lips

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