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OSMF Treatment

OSMF Treatment

Oral submucous fibrosis commonly known as OSMF is complex condition of the oral cavity. In simple word patients jaw become rigid to the point that he/she is unable to open mouth. Many studies and research shows that OSMF is remotely linked with oral cancer. As far as OSMF treatment in India is concern very few specialist or hospitals are providing it and Medlife dental clinic is one of them under the guidance of Dr Shyam Sheth.

This is common oral cavity problem among south Asian problem strongly associate with the practice of chewing areca nut and betel quid. People who have strong habit of chewing Pan, Pan Masala, Gutka, Mawa and Mainpuri tobacco have strong chances of having OSMF. Patients with OSMF have complaint of reduced mouth opening (0.5mm approx) and it is the sign or symptoms of Oral submucous fibrosis.

OSMF Treatment in India

There are many OSMF treatment options available however it is mainly decided by the dentist depending on the stage of OSMF. If the disease is detected at a very early stage, ending of the habit is sufficient. However chewing areca nut and betel quid is strong habits and can’t quit easily by patients. We at Medlife dental clinic treated hundreds of patients in recent past and our OSMF specialists are known for their research work in OSMF. Our OSMF treatment is symptomatic and predominantly aimed at improving mouth movements. Medlife dental clinic offers treatment for functional purpose with either single surgical technique or with combination of different surgical techniques to give best results to all our patients.

The Final Say!

Whether you or any of your friend or relative suffering from complex OSMF problem feel free to contact Medlife dental clinic for best possible OSMF treatment in India. We have treated many complex and seviour cases in recent past and committed to provide quality and affordable OSMF treatment in India.

To know about Medlife dental clinic and OSMF treatment cost feel free to visit our clinic or contact us. We will be happy to assist you for further treatment.

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